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Your support and contributions will enable us to never turn away a sick, injured or abandoned ferret. 

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Volunteers are always needed at our rescue, Mile High Ferret Club events and our big public events like Pet Expos



Become a foster home and provide ferrets in need with a loving home environment while we cover all food and medical expenses. 


Become a Dream Angel

Dream Angels sponsor our permanent residents by donating a minimum of $10 per month. 

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Volunteers are the backbone of any charitable organization, and ours is no different. You can help support our mission as a volunteer through a variety of ways including:

 At The Rescue: helping clean cages, hand feed sick and elderly ferrets, and even just playing with the ferrets. 

Mile High Ferret Club Events: helping set up and tear down the decorations and playpen, bringing food and working as a Weasel Warden in the playpen

Public Events: You can help us spread the word about Ferret Dreams Rescue and Adoption by helping set up and tear down at pet expos/county fairs, handing out literature, and educating the public about ferrets and their unique needs and personalities. 


Becoming a foster home is easy, and so very rewarding. We cover all food and medical expenses, and you get to experience all the joy and love that ferrets can bring without the long term commitment, while the ferrets get to experience life in a loving home to help them prepare for their forever home. Some fosters prefer young, healthy ferrets that will only be with them for a short time while they are waiting to be adopted while other fosters prefer to take in elderly ferrets to provide them with all the love and attention they deserve until they are called to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Whatever your preference, we'd be very happy to work with you. 

Become a Dream Angel

By becoming a Dream Angel, you agree to sponsor one of our permanent residents by donating a minimum of $10/month for at least six months to help defray the everyday costs of keeping them happy and healthy. Your $10 goes towards baby food, medications, therapies, beds. toys and treats. You'll receive regular updates about your sponsored ferret and will be recognized on our facebook page. You are always welcome to come visit your sponsored ferret for playtime or cuddles, and of course you can bring them new toys, treats, or beds and blankets if you wish.