Permanent Residents



Athena is our longest living female resident.  She came to Ferret Dreams 8 years ago as a baby from a pet store.  She was a severe biter and has finally mellowed in her old age.  She is living with Insulinoma and is Queen of the Rescue



Daxter is a 4 year old ferret, sharing a cage with his girlfriend Honey.  He has Adrenal issues but that doesn't slow him down.  he would love the extra attention of a Dream Angel



Crystal was almost hit by a car on a busy street in Aurora, Colorado.  The gentleman swooped her up, kept her safe overnight and brought her to Ferret Dreams the next day.  Unable to find her owner, Crystal is now a permanent resident, mostly blind and prefers only the company of humans



Eliana was found at a construction site near death. She was rushed to Dr Liza where she was kept overnight in critical condition. She was badly sunburned, dehydrated and starved. She has recovered nicely, but she has developed insulinoma and adrenal and will spend her remaining days with a full belly,  safe and warm here at the rescue.